Show me something!
Your facial expressions makes one of the cutest final evolutions ever look like a disgusting green fetus. I LOVE YOU FOR IT.


Thanks! :P I honestly don’t know why/how my style evolved to make Bubbles so grotesque when I absolutely love Reuniclus for its adorableness, but it just happened.

Oh well, the change allows Bubbles to be much more flexible with gestures and expressions compared to his official design.

Lest we forget

image image image image

image ))

((I love the comments you guys leave on all my posts. They always add a little extra cheer to my day after exhausting myself from drawing :P))

((Friends I apologize for sucking so bad at drawing explosions and pancakes. Despite my efforts to look up references, I have failed you. I shall now go sit in my corner for bringing shame upon their names.))

((Hello to the many new followers I got during my absence! I hope you enjoy my blog and remain patient with my updates. I am phenomenally slow with answering asks, haha ^^;

I’m going to work on updating more frequently, even in the middle of all my college shenanigans. Being away from this blog for too long bums me out, yo.


Soon he will be nothing but eyes

((Now that this is finished…. I have no idea why I even drew it to begin with. Welp, here ya go anyways.))

((I realized I had forgotten to update my yearly comparison of Bubbles, so I’ll have this count as my Throwback Tuesday piece. Definitely a lot of improvement in two years, though I’m not sure about in 1.

I still feel really bleh about posing, though. :/

Also this pose is so scrunched up it hides most of the work I did for Bubbles’ main body. What a load of butts.))